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Products (7)

Can I order products on your web?
It is not possible to order our products directly on our web page. You should look for other online retailers who sell them.
How can I know the cost of a product?
We do not indicate the cost of the product on the web page because we do not sell our products directly online. We cannot determine the price that the retailers will apply on our products when selling them. Anyway, you can find us both online and in the stores of the major retailers.
If I buy a product and the instructions sheet is missing, what can I do?
You can download the instruction sheets on the web, under the product of your interest.
Can I buy extra shelves for your cabinets?
It is not possible to buy extra shelves directly from us but you can ask your dealer who can forward your request to us.
How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
You can subscribe filling the box at the bottom of each page in this website.
How can I leave my feedback?
You can write your feedback to info@plastmeccanica.it
Can I find you in the social media?
Yes, you can join us on Facebook.

Outdoor items (4)

Are your products suitable for outdoors?
Many of our products are suitable for outdoors, especially the ones related to the garden category. The products that are suitable for outdoor are indicated with this icon: . These products are UV resistant.
Are the outdoor items lockable?
Yes, they are lockable so that you can secure your belongings.
Can the cabinet be fixed on the wall?
Yes, and we suggest to fix all the cabinets on the wall for greater security and stability.
Are the items waterproof?
Plastic is itself waterproof and does not absorb water. All the outdoor items are designed to avoid water infiltration.

Returns (4)

What is the return policy? Can i return items?
Your dealer’s policy applies in this instance.
What if I receive a defective/damaged item or there is a missing part?
If there are missing or defective/damaged pieces, contact your local dealer presenting your proof of purchase. Please indicate the code of the missing or damaged part referring to the instruction.
How long is the warranty for your products?
The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. You should therefore keep a dated proof of purchase to present upon request. Plastmeccanica S.p.A. tests its Products for durability and stability and will replace, at its discretion, any product or part which fails due to structural defect or faulty workmanship for a 2-year period from the initial date of purchase. Damages caused by use of force, incorrect handling, inappropriate use, neglect, commercial use or use other than for personal or household purposes; damages resulting from alteration, painting or assembly not in accordance with the instruction manual and damages caused as a result of storage above the capacity load of the product are excluded from this warranty. In addition, this warranty does not apply to damage coming from exceptional weather condition effects (including but not limited to storms). After a claim has been settled, the warranty period will continue to be counted and shall terminate upon its expiry date. Plastmeccanica S.p.A. shall not be responsible for any damage caused to goods placed into the Product.
Do your products contain hazardous material?
No, our products are made of plastic and do not contain hazardous material.