Art. 269

3 doors cabinet
The WOOD MIDI three-door cabinet is a versatile and practical solution for organizing household tools. The three doors provide easy access to items stored inside.
The included feet raise the cabinet off the ground, thus protecting the contents from potential damage caused by moisture or dust and also making cleaning underneath easier.

Inside, the space is divided into compartments thanks to adjustable height shelves, offering the flexibility to organize tools according to individual needs. These shelves can accommodate brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools, keeping them tidy and out of sight.

The plastic construction provides both lightweight and durability to the cabinet, making it suitable for use in garages, basements, or storerooms. Additionally, plastic is easy to clean, ensuring straightforward maintenance over time.

The cabinet features a pleasant wood-effect finish.

The WOOD MIDI is a practical and reliable option for keeping household tools organized.
product dimensions
  • Width: 38 in
  • Depth: 15 in
  • Height: 68 in
packaging dimensions
  • Width: 39 in
  • Depth: 16 in
  • Height: 16 in
Technical info:

1 person for assemblyTools requiredCertificationsWall fixing requiredMaximum weight capacityMaximum weight capacitySecond life materialLockableAdjustable shelves

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